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Daily UI Challenge

Daily UI Challenges a community that aims to provide the top best design resources for those who create for the web.

Divers App Concept

Daily UI Challenge-by Dannniel

daily ui

Apple OS & MacOS

Daily ui challenge by Apple OS & MacOS Edge to Edge Macbook


Wikipedia concept

Daily UI Challenge by Salomon Aurélien

✔ A cleaner look. The width of paragraph should have a maximum. Currently the text on Wikipedia goes from one side to another, leading to a high CPL. (Usability problem).

✔ Focus on the reading experience. How many time have you used the items on the left sidebar ? I think it would be a great feature to have a summary on the left sidebar, scrolling with the page. The other options would be displayed under the list (hamburger) icon.

✔ Some controls appear on hover (e.g. Map navigation.). When zooming the map, colors will start to appear.

✔ The list icon would reveal the navigation. I Would also love to put some emphasis on a donate button.

Daily ui challenge by Wikipedia concept

Habits Management

Daily UI Challenge by Johnyvino

Daily ui challenge - Habits Mangament

Onboarding Screens

Daily UI Challenge by Saikiran Desai

Daily ui challenge - Onboarding Screens


User Dashboard

Daily UI by Divan Raj

Daily ui challenge - User DashboardUser Dashboard