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What will be the UI design trend in 2018?

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UI design trend in 2018

Daily UI Challenge: We’ve got roughly two months before UI trends are set for the early 2018 season. What should we be prepared for? How will these changing trends affect our own performances? Are all of these waking trends positive?

Engineers are an adaptive breed by nature. It’s their job to find optimizations for user interface. Still, some changes are overshooting. The answer to this question will be relative depending on the audience. Some UI will be more appealing to other demographics. Some expected trends could flatline depending on their audience reception. Some of them could be more successful than they expected given the Global experience we wake up to on this New Years Day.

For example, not all of us are readers. Yet an expected trend for UI designs next year is long-form content. Scrolling pages packed with many long tail keywords are the next face of web publication. Some people will love this option. Having all your exclusive industry content under the same hat is ideal, right? Not if you have the attention span of a jackrabbit. If that’s the case, you need reading material that takes around 30 seconds to digest.

This is one example only. Another would be full-screen video. Many people are expecting this to be the emerging video trend of 2018. Sites like Slickplan already have it posted in their “what to watch for” reports. Some people might be delighted by this idea. Oh, sure, it’s time for the cinematic marketing experience! Great, this means the gaps between practical VR and the gawky headsets are shrinking! Some people love VR headsets (as you should). Others liked the widescreen, text wrapping of many sites’ video windows better too.

Trends will only exceed if opinions agree in the majority of industries specifically. Design companies are liable to use all the new flashy toys. When marketing to these people, you’ll want to package the whole flashy car. You’ll want to embrace the changes as they come, even if some of them come like punches between the eyes for the demand they put on your already challenged attention span.

Still, all of us can agree that 2018s trends will be interesting. Some of these trends will be unanimous upgrades. Examples are the illustration windows. Little animations are bringing the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal experience to your marketing site. They need not all be satirical or comical either. These cartoon depictions step into the place of typography and gradients to give you the full scope of animation capacity. Your well-respected Sunday paper took its cartoon column to the next level, rebranding it here. This works. This works for all the little kids alive inside each of us bringing something to the table for everyone.

Developer trends will be determined based more on their overall effectuality than on audience responses. These will be much easier to gauge as industry publications will have statistical information on how the trending function performed across devices. Fickle as trends can be, pay attention to industry-specific trends. These will be the most useful as they are based on professional opinions and not just upon the superlative of the public opinion.

As a final thought, trends are only as useful as the target setting group’s opinion is relevant to your specific issue. A good trend can work as a future tense key performance indicator. Choose wisely and apply.


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